Switching Up the Scenery: It's Time for a Facebook Page Rebrand!

Posted on Feb 29, 2024


Atlanta, February 29 - Igor Kopmar, the founder and CEO of RH Travel, Inc., explained how and why the company's corporate Facebook page is being updated:

"To our dedicated and observant followers, you might have already caught wind of the changes unfolding here recently. The most notable shift is our page's renaming from AgentSky to RH Travel.

The reason behind these updates is simple: we're streamlining our various Facebook endeavors (including AgentSky and Global Reservation) under the single, unified banner of our company brand, while also revitalizing our social media engagement. Moving forward, this platform will host all news related to the life and milestones of RH Travel's various divisions—a US-based company that's been navigating the world travel market since 1992.

Rest assured, the original content that was solely related to AgentSky will remain on our news feed. We may also briefly revisit other recent announcements from the RH Travel site to complete here the picture of our corporate activities.

That's all for now. Looking forward to sharing more posts with you!"

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