Elevating Global Partnerships: RH Travel Joins a Prestigious Gathering

Posted on Mar 14, 2024


The RH Travel team is thrilled to announce a distinguished honor bestowed upon our company. At the invitation of Amadeus, the world's leading provider of travel technologies, Igor Kopmar, founder and CEO of RH Travel, is currently participating in the very first APAC OTA and Consolidator Leaders Connect 2024.

This event, held in Bangkok, Thailand from March 14 to 15, is tailored for multinational and regional online travel agencies and consolidators in the Asia Pacific and beyond. According to the organizers, the event has welcomed approximately 100 C-level executives and decision makers from 19 online travel agencies and 44 consolidators, including RH Travel. The event serves as a platform for exchanging opinions relating to business growth and potential partnerships.

"In my view," says Igor Kopmar, "being invited to this meeting is not just recognition of RH Travel as one of the leading global airfare consolidators. It also presents a fantastic opportunity to meet major players in the travel industry and a chance to forge contacts with future business partners. And these are not just empty words: on the very first day of the event, I had numerous interesting and meaningful meetings with colleagues from different companies and countries."

The organizers of the event, which was held under the slogan "Partnership Beyond Boundaries," also expressed this sentiment. Addressing the participants of the APAC OTA and Consolidator Leaders Connect 2024, they explained the meeting's objective in Bangkok as follows:

"Amadeus believes that with our technology and expertise in every part of the travel ecosystem, we can create infinite synergy and possibilities with our partners. Being at the heart of our industry, we power progress by connecting ideas, organizations, and technology.

During the 1.5 day event, you will have the opportunity to connect with leading online travel agencies and consolidators who will join from different regions. They will share their unique perspectives and experiences on travel and how they want to expand their business. Amadeus will also be sharing the latest market trends and solutions that help you work more efficiently today and in the future."

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