Strengthening Connections: RH Travel Enhances Customer Management

Posted on Jun 10, 2024


RH Travel, a U.S.-based Global Airfare Consolidator, has begun updating its corporate Contact Management System. Initial requests for updated business information have already been sent to the company's clients.

"This is a major campaign — we're talking about sending emails to fifteen hundred of our esteemed clients," reveals Andrey Gogu, CTO of RH Travel. "The primary recipients of our emails are travel agencies from various corners of the world, as well as individual independent agents."

Olga Voloshina, Team Manager of RH Travel in Europe, clarifies: "Our main goal is to enhance our interaction with our clients. Specifically, we aim to establish reliable communication channels for the instant exchange of information whenever necessary."

"I think any company scaling its business faces similar challenges," says Dino Molter, CBDO of RH Travel. "It's time for us to change as well. Expanding our circle of travel product suppliers, increasing the number of travel agencies and agents we work with, and enhancing the capabilities of our corporate IT systems all require even more attentive customer care."

However, Mr. Molter notes that success sometimes paradoxically hinders new levels of interaction: "Not only are we growing, but our long-time partners are also expanding their market presence. They are increasingly moving to new offices, hiring new agents, using new or different communication tools/apps for business communication, or simply changing their existing contact details without informing us of these changes. I don't need to explain the frustration that we experience or the time lost when we have to look around for the new contact details in cases when we need to contact a client urgently."

According to Andrey Gogu, the emails that clients receive include a unique link to a special form in the Contact Management System. In this form, they need to verify their agency's information and update it if necessary. "It's nothing complicated — the entire process takes at most a couple of minutes," says Andrey. "If any of our partners don't manage to do this now," Mr. Gogu adds, "we will remind them in a week. After all, this is done in the best interest of our dear clients."

Photo: Updating contact information will allow RH Travel managers to stay connected with their clients anytime, anywhere. Photo by Pexels

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