UP Comfort Level, DOWN Booking Costs with Upsell Offers!

Posted on Jun 28, 2024


As part of upgrading its corporate booking engine, RH Travel plans to launch a new feature soon that will open up new opportunities for travel agents. This feature will display upsell offers from airlines in search results. These offers are part of a sales strategy aimed at providing customers with additional services or fare upgrades for an attractive extra fee.

"I wouldn't call the publication of upsells our top priority," says Andrey Gogu, CTO of RH Travel, "but we won't delay its implementation either. The functionality is ready; we just need to finalize the design. I believe that by early August, the new service will be available to our clients on the AgentSky.net search platform."

Upsell offers can be beneficial for passengers, as they provide an opportunity to enhance their travel experience with more comfort and convenience for a relatively small extra charge. Here are the main advantages of this strategy:

  • Class Upgrade: Passengers are offered the chance to upgrade from economy to business class or first class for an additional fee. This can include improved onboard conditions such as more comfortable seats and better meals.
  • Flexible Tickets: Customers can pay an extra amount for the option to change or cancel their tickets without significant penalties.
  • Seat Selection: Passengers can choose seats with extra legroom or window seats.
  • Baggage: Options to add extra baggage or increase the weight allowance of existing baggage.

"Of course, the specific set of available options and their cost will depend on the airline," Andrey Gogu notes. "Nevertheless, I'm confident that agents will appreciate our innovation and be able to expand the range of services they can offer to their clients."

In the photo: Upsell offers make a journey more comfortable for just a small extra fee. Photo: Canva

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